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Advertising to students at Universities

October 25, 2009

Uni classifieds are very common at different universities, and they are usually offered to their students through the university’s intranet. This is usually only available to the students and not other people thus restricting the amount of products and services that can be offered to students. The way that some advertisers are able to market their goods is through poster boards, and other avenues such as student events and magazines. All these methods have different exposure rates and they are able to provide different results to advertisers andusers alike.


Semester is fininshing soon

October 23, 2009

The university second demester is coming to a close and many students will be starting exams. After this period we usually see many students try and sell their books from this semester gone past, it is a great time to find a good deal if you know what subjects you will be doing next semester.
Keep tuned I will be providing regular updates and tips on how to purchase your books at great prices.