Luxury used cars ads on online classifieds

There is a great variety of luxury cars on several auto classified sites and general classified sites. Almost every European brand is present in these ads and some are being advertised at very good prices, some at big bargains. A few are ex lease cars specially the newer models such as full size luxury sedans only one or two years old. Some of these are being traded in at huge losses to their previous owners in order to cut costs and raise cash due to the economic environment. Other cars such as the high end sports cars are being traded in by high flying executives or financiers who have suffered big losses in their investments or have lost their jobs or bonuses. Some of these include prestigious Italian and German brand sports cars that can retail for half a million dollars or more. These cars are being advertised in some classified sites for about half their original value. Even some auto industry professionals have hinted that there is a current glut of new luxury and sports cars that has been building up since the end of last year. This glut of new cars has been slowing due to sharp reductions in orders and production in these brands. This is evident by some of the pain that is being felt by auto manufacturers worldwide. What this means for consumers is that even though some of the new luxury cars have gone up in price there are many people trying to sell their used in some cases near new luxury cars  for great prices. One needs to be careful in selecting used cars and making sure that they have been inspected by a qualified mechanic and history checked with the relevant authorities. A good way of gauging the average market price of any car is to search on different online classified sites and print classifieds for the same model and note down what price the different sellers are advertising at. In the current environment sellers outnumber buyers and it might be the best time to pick up a good bargain.

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