Textbook Classifieds

Why do we want to buy a new university text book if we can buy a second-hand text book? If we re-use our textbook, we not only save money, we are also saving resources which are good for the environment. Second-hand university text book can be found every where such as in the second-hand university book shop, in an online text book classifieds or even getting the books from your friends who do not need them anymore.

Nowadays, it is very common that people are using an online classifieds to sell their books because their textbooks ads will get exposed to a larger audience. So, instead of only having to advertise to a few people from one university where the secondhand book shop is located, the sellers will have more opportunity to sell their books to people outside the campus or to other universities’ students.

There are online free classifieds where the sellers do not need to pay any fee for registering or putting up their ads. That is a good way to effectively advertise their books without having to pay any fee.


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