Advertising to students at Universities

October 25, 2009

Uni classifieds are very common at different universities, and they are usually offered to their students through the university’s intranet. This is usually only available to the students and not other people thus restricting the amount of products and services that can be offered to students. The way that some advertisers are able to market their goods is through poster boards, and other avenues such as student events and magazines. All these methods have different exposure rates and they are able to provide different results to advertisers andusers alike.


Semester is fininshing soon

October 23, 2009

The university second demester is coming to a close and many students will be starting exams. After this period we usually see many students try and sell their books from this semester gone past, it is a great time to find a good deal if you know what subjects you will be doing next semester.
Keep tuned I will be providing regular updates and tips on how to purchase your books at great prices.

Pricing second hand textbooks

June 28, 2009

Normally in most classifieds sites where students are selling their second hand textbooks, they advertise their used textbooks at a discount from the original price. If textbooks are one year old or the previous semester’s they will usually be advertised for a 20-30 % discount from the original price. It is best to scan through a few classified sites to get a feel for what price ranges certain textbooks are selling for before deciding to contact the seller and purchase a book. Books that are older than one year can be sold for a discount of 50-60% of original price, depending if it is a prescribed textbook or a reference textbook. Reference textbooks will keep their value much better because normally there isn’t a new edition to buy each year. A good site to advertise your textbooks is gopost classifieds.

Find tetxbooks online

June 11, 2009

If you are after textbooks, university books, or any other bargain item check out Classifieds and Bargains at Many student use this website to both buy and sell textbooks and books.

Selling Textbooks through Classifieds

June 11, 2009

Selling your old books and textbooks through classifieds is one of the best ways to make money online and clean those book shelves of unnecessary books. Classifieds offer a good alternative than through book stores or through a book co-op like some university co-ops, which can charge a very large commission and take a while to sell.
Have you finished studying? Or have you got a box full of old books and textbooks in the garage or study that you no longer use? Now is one of the best times during the year to advertise these books, because students will soon be getting ready to start a new semester and many high school student will also be about to start their second semester. This means there will be more people looking for textbooks and a greater market interested in buying textbooks both new and old. Online classifieds are a great way of advertising your books and textbooks, its fast to put your ad up and get a fair amount of exposure to potential customers. A great online classifieds site to sell your textbooks is

Choosing online classifieds or print classifieds

May 30, 2009

The choice for an advertiser these days in advertising their new or second hand goods is choosing between online classifieds where you are able to attain a great exposure to a newer generation audience or print classifieds which have been the main advertising medium for decades. They both offer different exposure levels and audiences. The good or services must fit the desired market to which it is being advertised. A good point to remember.

Luxury used cars ads on online classifieds

May 20, 2009

There is a great variety of luxury cars on several auto classified sites and general classified sites. Almost every European brand is present in these ads and some are being advertised at very good prices, some at big bargains. A few are ex lease cars specially the newer models such as full size luxury sedans only one or two years old. Some of these are being traded in at huge losses to their previous owners in order to cut costs and raise cash due to the economic environment. Other cars such as the high end sports cars are being traded in by high flying executives or financiers who have suffered big losses in their investments or have lost their jobs or bonuses. Some of these include prestigious Italian and German brand sports cars that can retail for half a million dollars or more. These cars are being advertised in some classified sites for about half their original value. Even some auto industry professionals have hinted that there is a current glut of new luxury and sports cars that has been building up since the end of last year. This glut of new cars has been slowing due to sharp reductions in orders and production in these brands. This is evident by some of the pain that is being felt by auto manufacturers worldwide. What this means for consumers is that even though some of the new luxury cars have gone up in price there are many people trying to sell their used in some cases near new luxury cars  for great prices. One needs to be careful in selecting used cars and making sure that they have been inspected by a qualified mechanic and history checked with the relevant authorities. A good way of gauging the average market price of any car is to search on different online classified sites and print classifieds for the same model and note down what price the different sellers are advertising at. In the current environment sellers outnumber buyers and it might be the best time to pick up a good bargain.

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Effective marketing through classifieds

May 9, 2009

Classifieds are one of the oldest forms of advertising and they are available in different forms and through different mediums. The first classifieds were the newspaper or local paper classifieds which have been around since the 19th century or before that in parts of europe. These days online classifieds are the growing segment of this advertising segment and are provided by different sites, some of them even newsprint providers. Some of these classifieds are paid and some sites are free. They all vary in terms of how you can structure your ad and what you can post onto it. There are some good free classified sites that have big audiences and have generous allowances in terms of uploading pictures and long text description. This is a big contrast to some newsprint classifieds where you have to pay a certain amount for each word or number of words.Whenever you are thinking of selling an item or service is important to shop around for the most efficient and value for money advertising alternatives. A good idea is to go online and search for free online classified sites which allow you to advertise your goods and services for free. These mediums can be part of your overall marketing or selling strategy.

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Textbook Classifieds

April 11, 2009

Why do we want to buy a new university text book if we can buy a second-hand text book? If we re-use our textbook, we not only save money, we are also saving resources which are good for the environment. Second-hand university text book can be found every where such as in the second-hand university book shop, in an online text book classifieds or even getting the books from your friends who do not need them anymore.

Nowadays, it is very common that people are using an online classifieds to sell their books because their textbooks ads will get exposed to a larger audience. So, instead of only having to advertise to a few people from one university where the secondhand book shop is located, the sellers will have more opportunity to sell their books to people outside the campus or to other universities’ students.

There are online free classifieds where the sellers do not need to pay any fee for registering or putting up their ads. That is a good way to effectively advertise their books without having to pay any fee.